Spring is a Time for Fresh Ideas

Spring is a Time for Fresh IdeasSpring is a time we think of as new, fresh, bright, clean, and vibrant.   We have talked before about sprucing up window displays, merchandising, and even your wrap items.  How about the merchandise itself?  Is it still current?  Is it still attracting customers?  Are you ordering from catalogs or online?

One thing to consider is making a trip to a new trade show.  Trying out a new show is a great way to refresh your energy.  The new perspective can help you discover new product lines and bring some creativity and thought to the buying process.  Attending a new trade show can be exciting and fun.  You may end up seeing items that you would never have known about and meeting vendors that will be great to work with in the future.

We all get stuck in our own circles once in a while.  We need to mix it up a bit.  A trip like this will introduce you to new companies that you may never discovered.

You’ll come back refreshed and that will be noticed by your customers.  And they’ll  stop in more frequently because they are excited to see your new finds.

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