Retail is NOT Dead – Positive Stories About Retail

There has been much talk on the morning finance shows about the death of retail lately.  But just because the large department stores of yore are closing, doesn’t mean that retail is dead.  In fact, retail is evolving and is very much alive.

Need a little reminder of the changes retail has “survived”?

  • Remember Big Box stores?
  • Remember malls?
  • Remember TV shopping channels?
  • Remember Department stores?
  • Remember Direct Mail Catalogs? (Fun Fact:  Catalogs started in the 1800’s.)

Basically all those things just changed retail and made it more relevant for its time. And as a side note, they all still exist in various degrees.

With all the negative news recently, we thought our retailing customers might like to see some of the good news out there.  So for this month’s blog, we bring you positive stories from retail.


  1. Five Reasons Why ‘The Retail Apocalypse’ Is A False Scare Story – by Paula Rosenblum
  1. Why the Retail Store is not Dead – by Steven Barr
  1. These retailers are bucking the store closure trend—for better or worse – by Krystina Gustafson


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