Product SpotLight: Tamper-Proof Barcode Labels

Tamper-Proof LabelsPrice switching is a big problem for many retailers. The impact of this type of loss on the bottom line can be devastating for businesses large and small. One example from a few years ago is the case of a Florida woman who  was so good at price switching that she was scamming Walmart and Target for up to $30,000 a month before she was finally caught on video. The sums may not be as large in your store but the results can be worse because you don’t have the resources of a giant chain to absorb the losses or a full time security team and lawyers to catch the thief and put an end to it happening again.

We were hearing from our customers that label switching was an issue they were facing when using standard barcode labels.  Some of their customers were actually spending a good bit of time and effort to remove barcode price labels from low price items and transfer them to higher priced items and were getting very good at moving the labels such that the labels showed no tearing or even wrinkling.

You might be familiar with security slits on labels used in price marking guns.  These small scores in the label material prevent label switching by allowing the label to tear if tampered with. Working with our QuickBooks POS customers, we developed a barcode label that implements Security Slits and works in the standard Zebra LP2824 label printer.

These Tamper-Proof labels have an X security slit through the middle of the label that easily tears if tampered with.  We’ve heard from our customers that they’ve had pretty significant reductions in price switching by changing to these labels.   On average, our customers have seen a reduction of price switching ranging from 60%-80%. One customer in particular estimated that they saw an additional $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 per month of revenue after moving to our new Tamper-Proof labels.

Our Tamper Proof labels are available in 12 colors and can be found here:  The labels work in the Zebra LP2824 printer (and it’s replacement the Zebra ZD410) and are compatible with many POS products including QuickBooks POS, RetailPro and Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

The price is the same as our standard labels and we will gladly create Mix-and-Match cases for stores that use a color/date code rotation.  Simply pick any combination of our available 12 colors to build your Mix-and-Match case.

Try our new labels and see the results for yourself. Make extensive price switching a problem of the past with our new tamper proof barcode labels!

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