#OOTD and Your Store



Searching for ideas for your Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler or Twitter feed?  Are you an apparel store?   Have you tried #ootd?   OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day.  This hashtag is used primarily on fashion blogs and other Social Media where people post pictures of what they are wearing that day.  When you do a Google search on “#ootd” or “ootd” you will see an unending list of what people, in particular young adults and teens, are wearing for the day. There will also be some listings by brands and stores.   Go ahead, we’ll wait here while you view those search results on Google to see what we mean!

OK, now that you have seen it, I hope it has inspired you to start using the hashtag to increase awareness of your store.  Start looking around for ideas and create unique looks that can only be found in your store.  You can have one of your sales associates model the look, dress up a mannequin or even just arrange the pieces artfully on a table.   Make sure to include a short and creative description of the look.  Here is an example from one of our customers – Dressin Gaudy’s Instagram account.

Beyond helping you sell your store and your brand, you should be using #ootd for your own market research.  Searching on #ootd can give you a window into what looks are trending.  A topical article in Marketplace.org observes that today’s teens are more focused on achieving a specific look rather than brand loyalty and they’re are using these pictures for inspiration for their outfits.  And from what we see when searching #ootd, teens aren’t the only ones!  It’s a great opportunity for small independents to differentiate themselves from the big box stores by stocking interesting items around various looks that fit your target audience.

Finding original pieces from small manufacturers – especially local sources –  and highlighting them in #ootd is a great way to grow interest in your store, keep current customers coming back for new looks  and finding new customers.

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