New Year – New Product! But Don’t Neglect Clearance Items…

AZRetailNow that the holidays are over and you’re getting in new and fresh product, you’ll surely want to create a focal point for those products at the front of your store.  As the holidays wind down people want to see new product lines and inspiring displays.

But, don’t lose focus on the old merchandise.  January is also a time people shop for good deals on older clearance items.  While our tendency is to focus on new, higher ticket items, it’s also important not to lose focus on your clearance product.

Clearance sales are very popular in January so make sure if you’re having a clearance event, it is clearly and loudly signed and your associates are talking it up to all of your customers.  No one wants to sit on clearance product when you have new product arriving so the faster you can sell it, the better.

A best practice is to have an associate dedicated to refreshing your clearance area daily so it looks neat and fresh.  If you have an abundance of clearance in one particular category, try building a display of one particular category so you can easily call out the great deals to your customers.

If you have a special day or weekend where you offer an additional % off your clearance prices, don’t overlook the importance of cheat sheets with discounted pricing and make use of was/now tags and promo stickers on items – from AZ Retail of course!

Expert Tip:  January and February are hot months for storage and organization.  If you have these product lines, feature them in a prominent location!


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