Memorial Day Kicks off the Season of New

AZ RetailAre you ready for Memorial Day?  Maybe the better question is are you ready for the Summer Shopping Season.  Summertime is a time for most of us to let loose and have some fun.

Whether on vacation or at home, summertime fun will most likely require some new toys, new threads and/or new experiences.  So be ready to fill the need for something new.

Strive to introduce a new product to at least 10 customers a day.  This kind of service not only shows that you know your product lines, but also gives customers a reason to come in more often.

Hey, if a customer can “find” a new favorite thing without even having to do the work of finding it – they’ll be back to see what else you’ve got to wow them with next time.  Even better, they’ll be shouting your praises to their friends – the ultimate “social” media!

Finally, impulse buying at this time is probably the best of the year – most of us have a holiday budget, but most don’t even think about a summer budget.   Summer buying is focused on only you and your immediate family – so tap into that and help your customers amp up their summertime fun with products they will really enjoy.

Here’s to the New!  Here’s to the Fun!

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