Make staying Connected to Your Customers Easier

We recently started communicating with our customers with Constant Contact.  It’s a great way to get your message out or in our case thank our customers for their recent purchases.  We needed to get the contact information out of QuickBooks based on recent purchase date and into a format to upload into Constant Contact.  QuickBooks can report on recent purchases, but the report is by invoice, so we were having to delete the majority of the lines in the report just to get a simple list of customer email addresses.  We were finding that the task was taking a bit too long and was becoming tedious…but we knew people who could help.

Our friends at Alembic Computer Services, have been helping businesses like ours with their custom reporting needs since 1980.  We love our new report which has reduced the time for us to get our Thank You’s out but also has some built in intelligence allowing us to pick the date range from a calendar picker and filter out our Fortune 500 customers who wouldn’t appreciate the gesture simply because of the sheer number of times they order in a week.

If you need custom reporting for QuickBooks, call Donovan over at Alembic Computer Services – make your reporting life easier so its a pleasure to stay in contact with your customers.

If you would like to read Donovan’s post, you can visit his Blog here.

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