Go coastal!

Photo May 25, 12 20 22 PMSummer is finally here!  And most of us don’t have the luxury of living near the beach, so why not bring the beach inside?  Summer is a great time to feature a collection of coastal merchandise to remind customers that by adding some little touches, you can get the beach feel.

Coastal collections are hot this time of year and can be a great focal point in your store.  The possibilities for these types of display are endless.  If your store sells accent furniture, try pulling together a collection of white wood or weathered wood pieces.  Coastal art is also a great feature.  You can accent these displays with throw pillows, candleholders, vases, and lamps.  Decorate with colorful beach towels and blankets.

A really great accent piece to bring into any coastal display is a floral piece.  These are simple to create!  Start with a great vase (you can do a floor or table arrangement).  Add some grasses or coral stems.  You can also get grasses with seashells attached to them to make them really have a coastal flare.  These are simple arrangements to make but they really add flare to your coastal collection.

Last but not least, don’t forget your impulse items!  This is a great time of year to stock tropical scented candles!  If you sell jewelry, maybe display a seashell charm bracelet.  Nightlights, potpourri, and decorative seashells are all great impulse items to have on hand this time of year to really boost some sales!

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