Don’t Let Your Store be The Island of Forgotten Merchandise

SeasonsEatingsThe Holiday Season is almost here again.  As the focus in most retail environments shifts largely to Christmas décor and gifts, we want to remind you to not forget about your best-selling non-seasonal items.  You know, the ones shoved to the back in order to show off the shiny new items!

Don’t hide your best selling merchandise, try to incorporate them into your holiday displays.  This shows customers your creativity and keeps you in their mind as the place to shop for the type of merchandise your store is known for throughout the year.  And it’s an easy way to boost your average ticket.

As the amount of product coming in the back door increases, make sure to take the time to educate your sales associates on what new items they could pair with your everyday favorites to generate bigger sales opportunities.  A lot of customers are looking for help in selecting the perfect gift or the perfect piece for their home.  The more educated your associates are, the better they will be able to assist customers and boost your sales during this critical time of year.

Having your everyday merchandise included in your holiday displays will result in customers who come in looking for one gift but then remember why they always come to your store.  Make sure to play up collections that may have pieces coming in the New Year to entice customers to come back to see you in 2015.  Customers may come in looking for a gift and end up leaving your store with several pieces for themselves!  And higher holiday sales makes a very Merry Christmas for you!

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