Curb Appeal

Curb AppealWhen was the last time you looked at the front of the store? I know, you just said – This morning when I walked in. BUZZ! Wrong answer. You saw the front when you walked in, but did you really LOOK at it? You need to take a step back and really look at the front of the store. Is it appealing? Does it draw attention? Does it look enticing? You may need to have a friend or an employee go out and take a look for you and give you an unbiased opinion. Because, sometimes we get too focused and can’t see what others see, we just see our hard work and don’t have the same perspective as our customer. Is the front clean? Is there a nook where trash collects and we don’t see it anymore? Is the paint on the building ok? Are there repairs that should be made? How about that window display? When was the last time you changed it out? The window displays should change frequently? How frequently, well it depends on the time of year but, every two weeks or once a month. You need to keep it fresh and draw people in that may not have thought to come in before.

Now that you have the front in perspective again, how do your wrapping supplies look? When was the last time you changed your wrap? Do you change yours seasonally? Do you ever change it? Have you adopted a signature wrap? When was the last time you really looked at it? Is it still fresh and appealing? Will it catch someone else’s eye when your customer walks out with their purchase? Does it tell a story in itself? Does it say—I just shopped at _______?

These are things that we should review with a clear eye. Some of these need attention more than others, but you need to take the time to review so that your store stays fresh, appealing, and inviting. You want to maximize all of your resources to draw new people in and keep people coming back!

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