Curating Bundles for Brick & Mortar

Have you considered creating Curated Product Bundles for your merchandise?  Curated products are kind of hot right now – with many online offerings, but it doesn’t have to be for online stores only.

By creating unique curated bundles for your brick and mortar store you can drive not only one time sales, but also repeat sales – in two different ways.  First, if you create new bundles each month or season, you give your customer something to look forward to – the anticipation of the next bundle can be almost irresistible – they will likely be in your store as soon as the next offering becomes available.  Secondly, there may be one or two of the products that they love so much, they will want to make it an ongoing repeat purchase.

Creating the bundles should be fun for you also – it will give you an outlet for the creativity that all merchandisers instinctly have.  Your ability to find great pieces and to arrange them gives you a great competitive advantage.

You may have to think outside the “box” (pun intended!) if you have an apparel store – maybe your curated bundles build on each other.  One idea is to help your customer find their own personal style as well as build their wardrobe with items that can be worn together over many seasons.

Another way to get started is to create some special offerings for popluar holidays or events like Mother’s Day, Memorial Day or even a sporting event like the Kentucky Derby or the first game of the season for your town’s sports team.  Go Broncos!!

Today’s shoppers are looking for uniqueness, authenticity and self-expression.  Your curated bundles may be the answer to what your customers are craving and a nice bonus to your bottom line.  And hopefully it will be fun for you too!!

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