A Solution to Price Switching

Recently we worked with a customer who had a problem that was going to result in her department being closed.  They had a plant nursery in a grocery store and were losing money.  People were taking the stakes from $4.99 plants and putting them in the $19.99 plants. The stake had the price on it. The store’s cashiers, who weren’t trained in the floral department, and who are trying to check out customers as quickly as possible didn’t have a clue – they just went along with whatever price was on the stake in the plant. The ongoing theft was causing the department to repeatedly miss their numbers and management was going to close them to stop the losses.

The solution we offered was simple and effective. She purchased a Horticultural tagging tool, a box of Heavy Duty Fasteners, and a spare pack of needles for the tagging tool.  She then attached the pricing stakes to the plant container rather than just sticking them into the pot. The payback period took a day. She recouped  her tagging gun, fasteners, and needle costs by stopping only 6 price switching thefts.

Are you struggling with a problem in your store?  Call us, maybe we can offer you the same type of simple cost effective solution and great results for your store!!

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